Introducing Glow in the Dark t-shirts!

1 October 2012

We all know how amazing Chargrilled tees are for getting you noticed in broad daylight. Well now you can get noticed in the dark too. Our super-cool new glow in the dark range will set you apart from the crowd like an erection at a nudist camp.

Printed in inks made from recycled radioactive waste, our fantastic luminous designs will have you glowing like a ready brek kid who’s had had a whole packet for breakfast, so you’ll never get lost on those cold dark winter mornings ever again.

Be seen, be safe and be checking them out today. You’d best hurry before the government shut down all our nuclear power stations and we run out of ink. Go on, you just know you want to. Select any design and change the t shirt colour to Black (Glow in the Dark).