Colour t-shirts and 20% off!

15 April 2012

It’s all going off at CharGrilled like a nuclear missile test. Unlike North Korea, CharGrilled are at the very forefront of science and technology! We’ve had our top men working around the clock, and they have produced a fantastic new innovation that we’re very proud of.

Are you ready?
That’s right, blasting off into orbit are our new multi-coloured designs! Get them now, whilst they’re hot and before they plummet into the sea just off the Chinese coast.

Get 20% off!
St George’s day is coming up, so all you flag-wavers and bunting lovers should grab your patriotic threads. Don’t forget that the jubilee is coming too… Use discount codeGeorge20 at checkout for 20% off.

Right, well we’re off for a memorial cruise across the Atlantic, to commemorate the time I once nicked iceberg lettuce from a blue tit. Or something. Full steam ahead!