The Best Halloween Costumes of 2016

1 November 2016

Best Halloween Costumes 2016

Let’s face it, this year we expected everyone and their mum to be dressing up as Harley Quinn for Halloween. Thankfully, we’ve been proven wrong, as it appears that Halloween 2016 had some of the best costumes we’ve ever seen. So these are the best we’ve seen so far:


1. The Harley Quinn Switcharoo

Still harbouring a crush on Margot Robbie’s take on Quinn? Here’s a little image to ruin everything. I know we literally just said “no Harley Quinns”, but when you do it this well, you deserve a shout out.  Reddit user str8grizzlay and his wife nailed it with their Joker/Quinn switch up.

harley quinn halloween costume

Credit to Reddit user /u/str8grizzlay



















2. Kelsey Grammar Being Himself

As massive Simpsons nerds, this is definitely one of our favourites. The legendary actor Kelsey Grammar painted the town yellow this weekend, dressed head to toe as Sideshow Bob.

© Getty Images wowcelebritytv/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor

© Getty Images wowcelebritytv/Bauer-Griffin / Contributor


















3. Becoming Your Pet

Seeing another dog or cat in the mirror can be tough for some pets… imagine them seeing themselves with human bodies. That’s what happened this Halloween, when two creative pet owners became their pets. Weird AF.


Fantastic Pussy. Donald Trump would probably try and grab him.


It’s like an endearing version of that terrifying Channel 4 documentary

















4. Squad Goals On Point

There’s nothing worse that when you and your mates decide to do fancy dress, and only you put the effort in. Fortunately that wasn’t the case for this platoon with one of the most elaborate costumes we’ve seen.

Ten-Hut! Painting the town green.

Ten-Hut! Painting the town green.




















5. Screw you guys, I’m going womb

Reddit user /u/MAceN64 made the best of her bump with an epic Cartman costume. Respect her authoritah!


Credit to Reddit User u/MAceN64




















6. Being Carr-iedaway

8 Out of 10 Cats host and Britain’s favourite former tax-dodger, Jimmy Carr was spotted being carried by some dummy all evening at Jonathan Ross’s annual Halloween Party.

Carr-ted away!

Carr-ted away!























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30 August 2016



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26 August 2016



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